Brake pads

Shengli Oilfield Shengli Engineering Construction (Group) Co., Ltd. Jinan Engineering Office

ADDRESS:No. 10 Commercial Street, Taiping Town, Jiyang County (No. 2 East)

BUSINESS SCOPE: Highway, housing construction, water conservancy and hydropower, municipal utilities, building decoration, steel structure, foundation and foundation engineering construction; elevator, boiler, refrigeration and electrical equipment installation, maintenance, and sales; machinery and equipment manufacturing, sales, maintenance, and leasing services; Manufacturing, sales and installation of products, wood products, brake pads, various doors and windows, instrumentation and power distribution cabinets; manufacturing and sales of various mixing materials, building materials, welding rods; daily necessities, hardware, steel, pipe valves, and decorative materials , Equipment accessories, labor insurance products sales; technology development; advertising business, import and export business (operating with a license). (The above business scope shall follow the regulations of the state where there are special franchise regulations)