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33 JAC "BEST" Purchased by the General Administration of Customs


As a proprietary brand of high end medium-sized public affaires bus, JAC "BEST" was listed officially on the government procurement catalogue recently, and the first batch of 33 "BEST" means that the high end medium-sized public affaires bus, always monopolized by Toyota COASTER previously, has been split by domestic enterprises.


From 2009, government procurement tent to support proprietary brands. Notice on 2009-2010 Central State organs Cars Agreements and Supply points out that the state council Adjustment and Vitalization Program of Car Industry should be carried out earnestly, the environmental friendly, low emission and new energy small-displacement vehicles should be bought and purchased in priority. And the proportion of proprietary brand auto vehicles should be no less than 50% in the newly equipped and updated vehicles.


JAC "BEST" bus


As a proprietary brand, JAC Bus seized the chance during this government procurement. JAC "BEST" now is the top high end medium-sized public affairs buses, and they have aimed at the top medium-sized buses at the beginning of research and development. And they were directed to clients needs from initiation, research and development until production, and they formed their six characteristics: classic, comfortable, safe, dynamic, durable and clean.


As the pioneer of 7 meter long luxury and boutique light bus, "BEST" adopted import NGD3.0-C3HA engine which from International Truck and Engine Corporation, its maximum power is 20% higher than like products and it has clear advantages in fuel economy and environmental emissions.


Through tryout of our sample bus, the General Administration of Customs has recognized BEST finally, and they decided to purchase 33 buses one-time to assign to Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Dalian and Lianyungang and etc local customs. And this was the biggest order "BEST" have got from the government, with the order value amounting to over 10,000,000 RMB (about 1,459,854 USD),” said Xu Yunsheng.